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This week, the U.S. began delivering therapeutics, rapid virus tests and oxygen to India, along with some materials needed for India to boost its domestic production of COVID-19 vaccines. Additionally, a CDC team of public health experts was expected to be on the ground soon to help Indian health officials move to slow the spread of the virus. Vice President Kamila Harris, who is of Indian descent, called the situation in India a “great tragedy” and said she hadn’t spoken to any of her relatives still living there since continue reading this the news of the travel ban was made public. She emphasized America’s “longstanding, decades-long relationship” with the country in speaking about the U.S. aid to help alleviate some of the crisis there. “We have a responsibility as the United States, and particularly with people we have partnered with over the years, to step up when people are in a time of need,” she said. The White House waited on the CDC recommendation before moving to restrict travel, noting that the U.S. already requires negative tests and quarantines for all international travelers. Other restrictions are in place on travel from China, Iran, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil and South Africa, which are or have been hotspots for the coronavirus. There was no immediate comment on the new limits from the State Department, which on Thursday reissued a warning to Americans against traveling to India and said those already in the country should consider leaving by commercial means. That warning was accompanied by a notice that the department was telling the families of all U.S. government employees at its embassy in New Delhi and four consulates in India that they could leave the country at government expense. U.S. diplomatic facilities in India have not been immune from the pandemic and a handful of local staff have perished from the virus. Several dozen other local and U.S. staffers have been sickened by COVID-19, according to officials who were not authorized to discuss personal matters publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. The State Department has declined to comment on the number of staff affected, citing security and privacy concerns. But even as the U.S. boosts pandemic assistance to India and allows some of its diplomatic families to come home, other aspects of the relationship continue unhampered. Just minutes after the White House released the new travel restrictions, the State Department said it had approved more than $2.4 billion in arms sales to India, which the U.S.

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The Georgia International Convention Center SkyTrain station at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. As more travelers take to the skies, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Saturday will officially open the first phase of a new parking deck connected to the domestic terminal by SkyTrain . The airport has already used the new ATL West deck as overflow parking during Easter weekend and subsequent busy periods when economy lots filled up. But it won’t be at full capacity or have its full technology systems complete until this summer. The seven-level deck will have only 2,250 of its 5,000 spaces available. Its new parking technology system, when complete, is designed to allow Peach Pass holders contactless entry and exit and signs will show the number of available spaces. Airport officials are opening the deck to increase parking capacity as travel recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are starting to see a significant uptick in passengers as people feel more comfortable traveling ,” said interim airport manager Balram “B” Bheodari in a written statement. However, at $14 for one day and $12 for subsequent days, the ATL West deck will cost more than the airport’s economy parking next to the terminal at $10 a day. The airport’s park-ride lots are temporarily closed due to the pandemic to reduce the use of crowded shuttles, which is exacerbating a parking crunch as travel recovers . On Friday afternoon and other busy periods, both the daily and economy lots at Hartsfield-Jackson have been full. Motorists can get to the ATL West deck by following signs to the ATL West Deck/ Rental Car Center . After parking, travelers can use the airport’s free SkyTrain to get to the terminal. The SkyTrain is mostly used by visitors to Atlanta who rent cars or are headed to the Georgia International Convention Center or nearby hotels. The Georgia International Convention Center SkyTrain station at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. For travelers returning to Atlanta and retrieving their cars, the ATL West deck is at the SkyTrain stop for the Georgia International Convention Center. The pedestrian bridge to the ATL West deck is on the same end of the station as the AC Hotel, Renaissance and Springhill Suites, with an entrance beyond sliding glass doors. Business reporter Kelly Yamanouchi covers airlines and the airport including Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines, one of the world's largest carriers, and Hartsfield-Jackson, ranked for years as the world's busiest airport.