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For each chemical, the chemical manufacturer or importer shall determine the hazard classes, and where appropriate, the category of each class that apply to the chemical being classified under normal conditions of use and foreseeable emergencies [anywhere in the chain of manufacture, distribution, and use]. The hazard classification shall include any hazards associated with a change in the chemical’s physical form or resulting from a reaction with other chemicals under normal conditions of use [anywhere in the chain of manufacture, distribution, and use]. Employers are not required to classify chemicals unless they choose not to rely on the classification performed by the chemical manufacturer or importer for the chemical to satisfy this paragraph (d)(1). [Table D.1 Section 2] … (c) Hazards identified under normal conditions of use that result from a [downstream] chemical reaction (changing the chemical structure of the original substance or mixture)…. For those who might think (hope), despite the clear language of the revised regulatory text, that OSHA could not possibly have intended this unprecedented approach to hazard classification, the following excerpts from the Federal Register Notice should eliminate any doubt: OSHA also proposes to add a new sentence to paragraph (d)(1) stating that the hazard classification shall include any hazards … resulting from a [downstream] reaction with other chemicals under normal conditions of use. OSHA believes this language is necessary because there has been some confusion about whether chemical reactions that occur [downstream] during normal conditions of use must be considered during classification. The agency's intent has always been to require information on SDSs that would identify all chemical hazards that workers could be exposed to under normal conditions of use and in foreseeable emergencies (see paragraph (b)(2)). This issue has been raised, for instance, when multiple chemicals are sold together with the intention that they be mixed together [downstream] before use. For example, epoxy syringes contain two individual chemicals in separate sides of the syringe that are mixed under normal conditions of use. While OSHA intends for the hazards created by the mixing of these two chemicals to be considered in classification, those hazards need only appear on the SDS … and not on the label. OSHA notes that if it adopts the proposed revisions to [1910.1200(d)(1) and] section 2 [of the SDS template in Appendix D], hazards associated with chemicals as shipped, as well as hazards associated with a [downstream] change in the chemical’s physical form under normal conditions of use, would be presented in paragraph (a), and new hazards created by a [downstream] chemical reaction under normal conditions of use would be presented in paragraph (c)... The final sentence of 1910.1200(d)(1) states: “Employers are not required to classify chemicals unless they choose not to rely on the classification performed by the chemical manufacturer or importer for the chemical to satisfy this paragraph (d)(1).” In practical effect, the upstream chemical manufacturer-supplier would be responsible for performing BOTH the front end of the type of chemical process hazard analysis required by the OSHA Process Safety Management Standard (29 CFR 1910.119) AND a hazard classification for each downstream chemical reaction and the reaction products of that downstream chemical reaction conducted by a downstream customer-manufacturer. Given that downstream reactions typically involve at least two chemicals, and often mixtures, that would require multiple manufacturer-suppliers to provide redundant and overlapping chemical process hazard analyses AND hazard classifications to all of these downstream user-manufacturers. This requirement would also apply upstream to the suppliers’ suppliers all the way upstream until the product supplied was a yes part of nature that was not processed or re-packaged, and was exempt from the HCS. The following very simple scenario just scratches the surface on the potential impact of this proposed revision to 1910.1200(d)(1). Assume: Manufacturer A produces and sells Chemical 1 Manufacturer B produces and sells Chemical 2 Manufacturer C purchases and combines Chemicals 1 and 2 in a chemical reaction producing Chemical 3  + By-product 1  + heat Under the proposed revision, the responsibility for hazard classifications under the proposed revisions to 1910.1200(d)(1) would be as follows: What are the underlying policies and objectives driving this initiative?


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EITC recipients were audited at twice the rate of taxpayers with income between $200,000 and $500,000 in 2017. Related: Trump reportedly paid no federal income tax in 10 of the 15 years before his election. Why 75 million U.S. households pay no federal income tax There are a few factors putting EITC recipients in the crosshairs. First, many people claim the credit by mistake, and ProPublica reports that Republicans in Congress have pressured the IRS to cut down on these overpayments, in particular. The IRS has also suffered crippling budget cuts over the past decade, losing almost 30,000 full-time positions between 2010 and 2019 and leaving the tax collection agency with fewer auditors than it has had at any point since World War II . As a result, the overall audit rate has been falling. But while the IRS has audited the rich less, it’s continued to audit the poor at about the same rate. And that’s because IRS click here for info commissioner Charles Rettig has admitted that auditing lower-income taxpayers is easier and less expensive than going after wealthier ones. The audits are largely done by mail, and are “the most efficient use of available IRS examination resources.” He also said that the agency won’t be able to address the audit gap until Congress restores IRS funding. But while auditing poor taxpayers may be more “efficient” with fewer resources at hand, the IRS is leaving hundreds of billions of dollars on the table by letting high net-worth taxpayers slide when they intentionally under-report their earnings, or they don’t file their taxes or pay their tax bills. Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, who served in two Democratic presidential administrations, reported last fall that the federal government could have $535 billion more in the coming decade if the IRS audited returns as often as it did back in 2011 — and focused those audits on millionaires and billionaires. Read more: This former top Obama official says auditing more rich people would raise $500 billion in personal-income tax While high-net-worth returns may take more time to investigate, the IRS will get a greater return on its investment by looking into these cases compared to the lowest-earning Americans, Summers said. “Under-reporting is more than five times as high for individuals who earn $10 million or more annual than it is for those who make under $200,000 a year,” Summers wrote in his report. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) , an IRS watchdog, also reported in May that the IRS is ignoring hundreds of thousands of delinquent high-income taxpayers who owe billions of dollars in total. Between 2014 and 2016, the top 100 high-income nonfilers (taxpayers who don’t file a required tax return or pay their tax due in a timely manner) whom the IRS did not send delinquency notices to, and whose cases were simply shelved, owed about $9.9 billion in total taxes. That “let it go” attitude (for the rich, anyway) has been adopted by some Republican pundits and voters, as well. Former U.S. senator-turned-Republican-commentator Rick Santorum told CNN on Monday that “If you have a lot of money, no matter what you do with the tax system, you can always game it.” And almost two-thirds of Republicans and right-leaning independents (64%) say the current tax code is fair, compared to just under one-third of Democrats and left-leaning independents, according to a Pew poll. Related: Rick Santorum is not impressed with the New York Times story on Trump’s taxes — how many voters feel the same way? Still, a November 2019 National Bureau of Economic Research report estimated that the IRS will fail to collect nearly $7.5 trillion of the taxes it is owed between 2020 and 2029 — but conducting more audits, particularly of high-income earners, could help generate more than $1 trillion in additional revenue to shrink that tax gap.