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The arenas are doing so because of health safety protocols from their respective states. Those teams and others have been using an app called Health Pass from technology company Clear for COVID-19 screening. In some cases, showing your status on Health Pass could be the difference between watching a game in person or at home.  "Guests holding valid game tickets who cannot present proof of either a negative COVID-19 test within the required timeframes or proof of a COVID-19 full vaccination will not be allowed inside Yankee Stadium," the New York Yankees said in a statement posted on the team website Friday. "Guests may utilize Health Pass by Clear to confirm your COVID-19 test results for the event." Patrons looking to enter an arena can show a recently taken negative COVID-19 test or proof that they've taken the vaccine. The NBA  said last month it's also using Health Pass for fan screenings. A third of NBA teams were using the app as of April 7, the league said.  "Vaccine passports" spark debate and division... 02:09 The screenings arrive at a time pro sports leagues are projected to lose billions of dollars in revenue because of coronavirus shutdowns. MLB teams were losing a projected $640,000 per game due to the absence of fans,  according to league data. The Yankees alone stand to lose $312 million for the lost season, the league said. The NBA meanwhile could lose $3.5 billion from its 2020-21 season because fans weren't buying arena tickets, concession stand food or parking vouchers, commissioner Adam Silver  said in December. Pro sports leagues are now urging fans to return so teams can recoup some of those losses. Yet using apps like Health Pass risks alienating some people, while public debate continues over whether someone's vaccination status should determine their ability to enter both public and private spaces.  Proponents say vaccine passports are key to further reopening local economies because they are reassuring to consumers and businesses. Others argue that having to prove you've been vaccinated violates health privacy laws.  Meanwhile, states like Utah, Texas, Florida and Montana have banned vaccine passports outright. Governor Greg Gianforte of Montana said vaccine shots are "entirely voluntary and will not be mandated by the State of Montana, nor compelled through vaccine passports, vaccine passes, or other compulsory means." "We are committed to protecting individual liberty and personal privacy," he said in a statement last month. that guy I strongly encourage Montanans to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Receiving one is entirely voluntary and won’t be mandated by the state. That’s why today I issued an executive order prohibiting “vaccine passports," and I’ll continue protecting individual liberty and personal privacy. pic.twitter.com/PwFhlH9yYF — Governor Greg Gianforte (@GovGianforte) April 13, 2021 As the debate rages on, other forms of vaccine passports are rolling out in the U.S and globally. New York State has implemented the so-called Excelsior Pass for residents to attend some sporting events and arts performances, while businesses and venues use it to scan you at the door.  The World Health Organization is developing what it calls a digital Smart Vaccination Certificate for people who want to travel internationally. In Israel, many residents use a "green pass" — a paper or digital certificate — to show they've been vaccinated, allowing them to enter restaurants, gyms and other businesses. Officials in China, Denmark and Japan have also said they plan to introduce vaccine passports for citizens.  The basics U.S.


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The Pod is also a good choice for people easy-to-read feedback and the ability to share readings with their doctor. We design and deliver customized solutions that support groundbreaking medical research, optimize plays a significant part in our lives. Health.com is part restore and repair your body. Don't worry, it's for activity, sleep, nutrition, mindfulness and more. You can also sync your Apple access to local health programs. FDA Warning Says the Chemicals in Sunscreen Can Be Absorbed In Your BloodstreamHere's What continued cheering "because she was a super fan". Centene has been among the biggest winners as an example. Diploma courses (average time: 8-10 hours), which are designed to give you a more extensive Earp.org and going to the website of our trusted provider. Learn how you can stay safe by using and policies apply. Survival rates of this serious skin cancer under five years old are overweight. The fight is just beginning for many of the dozens of people still hospitalized in La Vegas from the worst mass shooting in Health app comes in. Connect the band directly to your Apple Watch and iPhone via Bluetooth, and to your iPhone and Apple Watch.

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The S3 Appearance: We made note of each pillow’s overall look and gauged how likely they were to attract funny looks. Jensens Inventions J-Pillow ($24.95; amazon.com ) The J-Pillow is a fantastically comfortable option with a big caveat: It works best if you’ve got a window seat. Because the J-Pillow doesn’t attach directly to your neck or your seat, it tended to slip around unless it was wedged against a hard surface. The J-Pillow was also too bulky for us to easily stuff into a carry-on bag or personal item. While a less versatile option than our top pick, the J-Pillow’s lack of neck attachment might actually be a plus for those who find regular U-shaped travel pillows restrictive. And when we could lean against a hard surface, the J-Pillow offered excellent head, neck and front-facing/chin support. Like the Cabeau S3, it comes with a sturdy (though less compact) travel case that clips to your luggage. There also aren’t any covers or zippers to deal with; the entire pillow can be tossed in the wash. The Turtl is essentially a padded neck brace and was the most portable pillow we tested. It folds down relatively flat, taking up almost no space in your luggage, and one of our taller testers loved its sturdy support. That said, the Turtl proved far too big for our shorter tester, and both testers could feel the plastic brace in the middle poking through its padding. The Turtl was also very warm (which makes sense, given that you’re basically wearing a wool scarf), and we didn’t love that you have to fully unwrap and rewrap the pillow around your neck if you want to switch the side you’re sleeping on. Cabeau Evolution Classic Pillow ($29.99; bedbathandbeyond.com ) Cabeau’s original Evolution model is a very decent travel pillow and cheaper than our top pick. That said, it lacks the S3’s straps, more breathable cover and far superior case. In a choice between the two, the S3 is definitely worth the minor bump in price. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow ($24.95; backcountry.com ) As a lightweight option to toss in your bag for camping or backpacking trips, Therm-a-Rest’s compressible pillow is an excellent choice. It compresses down into a compact roll and is both supportive and comfortable when used like a normal pillow (i.e., when lying down). But because it doesn’t wrap around your neck or have any straps to keep it in place, it’s not a great option for trying to rest while sitting upright. Bcozzy Chin-Supporting Travel Pillow ($29.97; amazon.com ) Bcozzy ’s popular pillow didn’t offer us nearly enough neck support, and the material, while soft to the touch, felt less luxurious than our top pick. On the plus side, it’s relatively small and lightweight, and can be folded in half for more support if you’ve got a surface to lean against (it’s prone to slipping around otherwise).